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Are you a prolific writer? Are you an excellent researcher? Do you enjoy being up to date on the newest news in business and politics? You can write for INS Times if you are.

Business writers are needed

Authors with a background in business news are welcome to apply. Our business readers like reading well-researched, well-written business news that conveys useful current information. They want to learn about current and future business trends.

Reviewers for software applications are needed

We’re looking for a few enthusiastic and knowledgeable software application reviewers. You can test any software programme you choose, and in some circumstances, we will even provide you with the software to test.

You may be allowed to keep the software programmes you examine after the evaluation period has ended.

Bloggers are needed.

Whatever your field of knowledge is, you’ve mastered it. You can now manage and write for a well-known blog site. We provide the server, blog site, tools, and information. You only need to write excellent articles.

Please contact us if you have any new ideas that our investigative journalists can pursue.

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