Cleaning and defrosting the fridge is one of the basic activities in maintaining a healthy and safe home.

However, we often ignore it, which may cause unpleasant smells and even mould.

First of all, to prevent the appearance of mould, all the products we store in the fridge should be covered.

Do not hurry to remove the original packages of the food, as this might be as well a source of unpleasant odours.

In case you just have bought a new fridge, it must be washed from the inside with a weak solution of water and cleaning detergent or can be wiped with alcohol, then open the refrigerator door and let the airflow in for a few hours.

The refrigerator should be cleaned from the inside frequently, and you should not wait until it is already covered with mould.

All products stored in the fridge must be tightly covered or wrapped, respect this simple rule and you will prevent unwanted odours and also premature defrosting.

There are several ways to fight the smell and mould, you can use cleaning products and odour absorption products.

You should consider using also natural substances for maintaining the fridge as intoxicated as possible.

You can use the qualities of baking soda for preventing unpleasant smells. Place a glass of water in which the soda is dissolved, however, you can put just a small amount of soda in a small plastic dish inside the fridge.

You have to make sure you replace it with a fresh one at least every 3 months.

For such purposes, you can use lemon as well.

When you have washed the fridge with pure water simply, add a few drops of lemon juice.

Slice the other half of the lemon into pieces, put on a small plate and place it inside the fridge for a week.

Simple solutions as these are the rice and orange peels.

There are specialized refrigerator air ionizers, they work with batteries.